What is the lead time for your products? Due to high global demand, lead times are constantly and rapidly changing. Contact us via our website https://www.coCareusa.com to learn most up-to-date lead times and shipping details.


What are your minimum order quantities (MOQ)? If not listed on our website, please contact our sales team to learn MOQ’s. If you require a custom batch size we will work to accommodate your specific needs.


What is your daily production capacity for each product?coCare partners with numerous manufactures for each product group. At this point, production capacity is not a constraint. What can be a drawback is shipping times. As a result, we encourage our customers to work towards recurring bi-weekly or monthly shipments—this way customers always have supplies on hand.


Where are your products manufactured? coCare works with several vendors and manufacturers for each product group. At present, coCare has supply-chain partners in Canada, US, Mexico, China, Malaysia, India, Turkey and Poland. Our procurement teams operate globally to ensure our customers receive proper quality and pricing.


Are your products consistent from batch to batch? Global supply shortages due to COVID-19 may result in minor variances from batch to batch. coCare sources from different manufacturing partners globally and strives to ensure consistency with quality, delivery, and customer service. 


How do you ensure consistent quality of product? coCare only partners with manufacturers registered with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CE standards. We have Quality Control agents in each of the countries we import from,  inspecting each batch before delivery.


What are coCare’s payment terms? We recommend you place an order and pay on our website to ensure you secure products. If an alternate method of payment is required, or if you require terms for a larger order please contact customer service. For larger orders we can offer terms as follows: 50% deposit at time of order and the balance due 10 days from date of shipment subject to an approved credit application.


Have these products been previously used in Healthcare / Education / Workplace / Manufacturing Facilities in North America? Yes. Organizations such as Garda World, Kohler, SJG Logistics, State of Wyoming, Explornet, Shared Support Services, and Royal Ottawa Health are a few currently utilizing these products.


Does coCare have a MDEL? coCare suppliers carry a current and valid Medical Device Establishment License; therefore, all products being supplied are covered for importing and distribution. In addition, coCare has applied for a license and finalizing the process to receive soon.


What are your delivery times? Due to surge in demand and high order volumes, processing times are currently 2-3 days. coCare partners with UPS for most deliveries and offers rushed shipments—which can be processed and delivered next day if in stock. Non-stock items typically have a 1-2 weeks lead time unless stated otherwise on our website.


Can coCare provide samples? Yes. Samples are generally available within 1-week for most products. Please note, products may vary slightly from batch to batch. However, coCare products (as applicable) will remain consistent with performance standards such as FDA and CE.


What is coCare’s returns policy? coCare cannot offer returns for any medical grade products. Please refer to return policy per product.

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